IT Support Satisfaction Guarantee

Guarantee of reasonable response time

Several service providers do not assure a response time typically. However, unlike them, we at IT Support Singapore give you assurance in writing about Satisfaction Guarantee. We have a separate response time for your critical and non-critical faults. It is our technique of making sure that our clients are never in a situation or scenario when they do not get any response after they call us for service. In fact, we are happy to inform you that our clients have never been dissatisfied with us due to not adhering to our agreements on response time. We always make it a point to improve our response time and ensure that your downtime is at a minimum.


We offer IT Support Satisfaction Guarantee

We always tell our clients not to sign off a work they are dissatisfied with. Our endeavor is to keep a very high standard when we do our service delivery. If you are not satisfied with our services at any point in time, do not sign off. IT Support Singapore offers a wide range of IT support services. IT projects management, and IT consulting. We expect our customers will be completely happy with our quality of service delivery. It is our top priority to look towards setting up a long-term relationship that is beneficial for our clients as well as for us.


Guarantee of proactive IT support

Our aim is to work extensively so that failures can be prevented. It is our responsibility to maintain and monitor your technology assets. After all, failures will cost your business and your money and also cost technical man-hours. We align our goals in such a manner that there is high operational preparedness and up-time for your technology assets.


Guarantee of expense within budget

The IT service offered by IT Support Singapore includes unlimited support and close monitoring. We offer a flat-fee service and do not give any budget surprise for your business. So, you would be able to do proper planning and then foretell your cash flow needs and are confident that we will take good care of your technology assets. Thus, you can only concentrate on your business while we look after the technology part for you.


Assurance of project completion within budget

The projects we undertake for our clients are all inclusive and are also flat-fee. You need not incur any out-of-pocket expenses or ballooning engineering expenses. We will stick to our preliminary estimates as well as all your IT projects as decided in our agreement without any surprises.


We assure you to help and understand in solving your technology problems

We at IT Support Singapore have years of exposure and experience that have enabled us to come up with innovative solutions from time to time. Our job is also to try and keep your costs as low as possible. We are focused on finding solutions to your problems within your budget.


Assurance of always giving our best

We make it a point to work according to our best ability at all times. Our consultants are always stretched to give their best.