Managed IT Support Services in Singapore

Do you own a small business and want to transform your IT function into a powerful tool, which can drive your business further rather than it being a bottleneck costing you both money and time? We at IT Solutions can help your business by providing sophisticated Managed IT Support.

Managed IT Support

Is your business facing some or all of the following problems?

  • Lack of IT reliability since frequent technology downtime is costing you more money
  • The current technology being deployed is creating more obstacles than it helps
  • You are facing issues related to backup and recovery of data in your business
  • There is a gut feeling that your IT network needs better and proper security to avoid threats and malware
  • You find your employees are wasting their precious time sorting out technical problems and are unable to focus on their core jobs
  • You want to expand the business further but do not have a proper estimate of the costs and technology involved to do so
  • You feel your employees should have the freedom to work from remote locations
  • You realize that it is more beneficial to pay for preventive actions rather than to do so for fixing problems

These are some of the reasons when IT Solution comes into the picture to help and rescue you by providing expert Managed IT Support solutions. Our clients usually have a varying number of workstations depending on their business-size. They depend on the Internet, network, servers, and workstations for their daily operations. A majority of our clients are into specialized business applications and depend on the deployed software heavily. Our clients are from a cross-section of fields including:

  • Management
  • Supply Chain Management & Logistics
  • Legal
  • Financial
  • Marine & Offshore
  • Environment
  • Engineering
  • Electronics
  • Consumer business
  • Chemicals
  • Accounting
  • Oil & Gas
  • Professional services
  • Precision engineering
Managed IT Support
Managed IT Support

How can IT Solution help your business?

1. Our assurance

You will not be afraid of a change when switching to our Managed IT Support services. We assure your satisfaction with our work unconditionally. And you never need to pay even twice for a similar repair. Plus, we will guarantee that your problem is always resolved. Customer service, as well as your satisfaction, is our utmost priority.

2. We will ensure that your network is documented

There are some organizations that do not even maintain a proper password list. When you hire us, you need not even think about the kind of technology your business has, its age and the way it has been configured. IT Solution will cover all nitty-gritty. Plus, we will ensure that your technology assets and network are documented meticulously.

3. We will monitor your data backups

Apart from monitoring your data backup activities systematically, we also have a sophisticated data recovery process. After all, we at IT solution appreciate and understand data is only precious when it can be recovered or restored.

4. On-budget and on-time projects

When you hire our Managed IT Support services, you can be assured of projects getting completed on time and within the stipulated budget. We at IT Support are aware of the exact time duration within which long projects can be completed. We have the necessary experience to schedule and plan for on-time delivery.